Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"I can pay but would preffer trade. "

While on the job hunt, one inevitably is forced to troll the dredges of Craigslist. It isn't pretty and it normally is never fun. Despite being a great source of random hook-ups, S&M dungeons and bedbug-laiden couches, it never is a redeeming place to find a gig.

Sure, on occasion you may get lucky. Heck, even my old job went on there. But mostly, Craigslist is a haven for how not not look for work.

I present to you: "Seeking writter for SunflowerPipes.com (Union Square)"

(note: emphasis added.)

I need someone to write content for my web site SunflowerPipes.com. I need an interesting and in depth history of pipes, glass pipes, hookahs and things related to smoking. The work is for a section of the site titled Pipe School. Anyone interested in smoking is very welcome to apply I can pay but would preffer [sic] trade.

As for what Sunflower Pipes stands for, let me point you at their homepage:
Sunflower Pipes is dedicated to the experience of smoking. We highly regard the act as an art and in doing so take great care in choosing the products for our line...All of our products undergo a series of tests and are carefully selected for their unique color, shape, decor, durability and functionality.

Sunflower Pipes supplies but is not limited to the following products: Dugouts, Bats, Grinders, Pollinators, Glass Smoking Pipes (Single Glass Smoking Pipes, Double Glass Smoking Pipes and Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipes), Metal Smoking Pipes, Wooden Smoking Pipes, Water Smoking Pipes (Bubblers, Sherlocks, Hammers, Hookahs), Fifkas, Scales, Slides, and Smoking Papers (Flavored Smoking Papers, Hemp Smoking Papers, Rice Smoking Papers, Clear Smoking Papers)

And my favorite?

Our products are NOT intended for illegal drug use.

Lord knows the number of people I've seen enjoying a quiet Fifka outside of Grassroots on a breezy Sunday night. With tobacco.

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Anonymous SunflowerPipes said...

When I smoke I love a good joke I love to have fun and laugh I love to raid my friends stash.
When I smoke I eat all day and let my cares drift away my days often happen this way.
When I smoke I think about things for a while and my friends and how they make me smile.
When I smoke everything is ok though I don't go out much during the day, but all night I will play when I smoke

The smoking pipe has a long and rich tradition. I see pipe smoking as an ongoing evolving ritualistic experience that historically creates spaces for people throughout the world to come together for a common enjoyable experience. How many rituals evolve around the pipe? How many occasions for discussion or laughter evolved around the smoking ritual? Throughout time the smoking pipe has held a crucial role in the leisure time of humanity. Smoking has a rich history from the ancient Japanese Kisuru pipe or the Eastern hookah to new devices like the inside out glass pipe and color changing glass water pipes . At www.sunflowerpipes.com we explore smoking history in depth in our section titled "Pipe School". There is a lot to learn and a lot of smoking products out there that can add to your personal smoking ritual, At Pipe School you can learn about flavored rolling papers, what to look for when buying a pipe, how to clean and maintain your pipe, glass blowing, and about other smoking accessories including pollinators, dugouts, glass fifkas and much more! Happy Smoking :)

Sunflower Pipes

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