Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missed Blog-A-Thon Blues

So like any well-meaning writer/blogger/slacker, I totally meant to do something for Ali Arikan's "Indiana Jones Blog-A-Thon" at Cerebral Mastication. I kept telling myself all week I'd sit down and write about how this would be the first time I've seen an Indiana Jones movie in theaters, and compare it as an original film to the Star Wars trilogy re-release in the mid-1990s to celebrate Lucas discovering CGI>

And I'd even use a LOLCat-ish photo.

Now, it's Sunday. There is nothing written and Ali has likely retired to his yacht staffed with serving women and monkey knife fighters.

Not to mention King Arthur, the "modernization" of a myth film that I still can't tell if I like or not, is on. On one hand, Stellan SkarsgÄrd proves that he merely has to whisper and he's already taken charge of a film. On the other, Merlin is now a crazed forest shaman figure?

But anyway, to show my pure intentions, a completely NSFW strip from Sexy Losers:

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