Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh you devil swordsman

While spending a long time writing another upcoming piece for The Reeler--it is totally in almost-final-draft form, Stu--I got sidetracked with liquor and YouTube, as I am want to do.

Another problem I've been faced with is what to title an upcoming bi-weekly column I'm writing for a certain House Next Door.

So far, working titles include:
Bukowski Bukkake
Thomas Looser's Ghost
Keith Vincent Hates You, Undergraduate.
It's Over 9000
Tamala 2012
Shonen Shoujo Pop!
Idiot Savant Japan
Vadim Rizov Is Big in Japan

Until I figure it out, here's the acoustic version of Demon Knight Garo's theme:

And the ending to Welcome To The NHK! which I'll write on in the first column and how it acknowledges the "Neo-OTAKU."*

*note:I know how fucking pretentious "Neo-OTAKU" sounds, but considering NHK's acknowledgment of NEET/hikiomori, it would be insane not to address it first. Especially with the solo/group aspects that american anime fandom switch between. Gah, that sounds so lame.

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