Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lou Will Fuck You

Karina (@SpoutBlog) seems to be turned off to the entire idea that Junowriter Diablo Cody (aka Brook Busey-Hunt) is being salivated over by the Lou Lumenicks of the world since she was totally once a (sort of) stripper and is totally in possession of boobs.

As Ms. Longworth writes:
"As if it wasn’t gross enough to think that Juno’s critical success could be the product of a bunch of journalists wanting to hang out with a sometime stripper, and all the “once a sex worker, permanently a whore ie: maybe she’ll get naked during our interview” bullshit that entails, it’s almost worse to think that these dudes are, like, patting themselves on the back for spreading the urban legend about The Stripper Who Actually Had a Brain."

As if Strippers had brains. And seriously, who hasn't Lou Lumenick fucked, wanted to fuck or fucked in order to give them an award?

I remember that five minutes in a dark alley with promises of a screening for Ghost Rider as if it were yesterday. Since it was. Oh, Lou.

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