Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In other Patton Oswalt news...

Patton OswaltNeill Cumpston has seen CLOVERFIELD MONSTER GOES APESHIT.

In fact, he provides the pull quote to end all pull quotes:
The monster RIPS THE LIVING SHIT out of the city, and everyone in its path. It’s like the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina and Kathy Griffin’s vagina combined and turned into a giant murder-beast and it’s hungry for every hip person in Manhattan.

Neill is a long-time regular at the clusterfuck known as AICN's Solicitied Reviews of Joy and Wonder.

In fact, GeekOut! has a list compiled leading up to Neill's classic 300 review, "Neill Cumpston Has Seen 300!!!!!!!!!!!" that is seperated into Cool Thing One and Two ("HEAVY METAL DURING BATTLE SCENES" and "FOES, MINI-BOSSES AND A BIG BOSS" respectively) and a Not So Good Thing ("DUDE NUDITY 'DUDE-ITY.'")

Many debate whether our boy Neill is a valid critic. In fact, if we believe the intros that DREW MCWEENY (aka moriarty) have provided for Neill, our boy is a live-at -home, mid-thirty-something who works at a pretzel shop. Or, you know, he's a certain comedian who voiced a rat over the summer.

But for serials: no one else has seen Cloverfield and considering Oswalt's love of film, hatred of critics and loathing of junket interviews (I stand by him on 2 of the 3 points. I only sort of like film,) it isn't so surprising to consider him as Neill.

Then again, when you consider the brunt of AICN's plants reviews, maybe Neill probably is real and just a poor man's, mockbuster Vern.

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