Wednesday, October 17, 2007

tales of hoe: cmj, day 2

I honestly considered going to see Jimmy Carter: Man from the Plains for 20 minutes. I swear. I honestly, actually spent 20 minutes thinking about whether or not I would walk over to the IFC Center and catch a two hour, Jonathan Demme helmed PR campaign designed to showcase Jimmy Carter's book tour.

Then I read there'd be a post-screening discussion! About national politics!

And I promptly showered and kept refreshing my Gmail.

Haven't gone back to the CMJ press building after the initial clusterfuck. I hear they are out of stupid swag bags. and their wireless doesn't work, which is the only reason I'd go there--to work and then go over to IFC.

Tomorrow should be mildly interesting if just for Wristcutters: A Love Story and Anderson Cooper's Q&A.
I wonder if he'll tell us what 'G' stands for.

Probably going to see Control or The Trigger Man tonight. and both happen to be same walking distance. hm. decisions.

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