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Note: The inspiration comes from The Reeler's Totally Unrelated Blog-A-Thon. The rules, as my benevolent dictator/editor states, are simple:

1) Authors should either be publishers of or contributors to a regularly updated film blog (In other words: You should have something to want a break from);

2) Entries must not address subjects related to filmgoing, filmmaking, film criticism, film news or anything else film-related (television is OK);

3) Everything else is fair game.

So, because I update as regularly as I'm employed, I figured I'll join up. And so...

It starts out innocent enough. You hear a song, tap your foot, think about all sorts of things. Maybe you grew up in a know-nothing town, maybe you're an urban punk with Ian MACK-EYE's blood/truth/doctrine flowing through your veins. Whatever, dude. It's all the same.

But this is the age of YOU. We are the children of the revolution, moblogging the march and uploading to Flickr while we drink our Aqua Velvas from the skulls of the old media.

Or something. A skull isn't much of a glass. Trust me on that one.

So you like a song. The next logical choice is--on a lark--make a "music video." This is a long-standing practice with the anime community. Fan videos are as old as gathering in your mother's basement and hitting natural 20s. In the old days they'd be compiled on tape, run close to 1 GB .wmv files and would either come from a Metalica/Linkin Park or Madonna song. (Seriously, Madge is popular. Who knew?)

That said, ever since YOU were person of the year, YOU got all uppity. No longer are there just anime fan videos, but complete re-stagings of these songs thanks to the fan video. In essence, they'd lead to the mash-up culture that's better known through music--and every fifth post on BoingBoing. For the sake of making my life easy and to kill time today, I went through YouTube using the world's catchiest song as my bait.

So, without further ado, here are some of the videos I found for Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat Soulja Boy."

The literal (and perhaps, best):

Uploader: burntpiano

It has Asian Pop Stars (and RAIN OMG RAIN OMG IT IS RAIN!)

Uploader: rimokon


The "Alternate Genre" Version

Uploader: Anubisgirl15

Dora The Explorer Supermans that Ho


So what does this exactly explain? How does it look into a culture that is constantly reinventing itself through splicing, slicing, editing, music and other multimedia? That nothing is sacred? That anyone can fire up the ol' laptop to edit? That the Internet is made for wasting time?

Who cares. The real lesson here is to always Superman that ho.

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Blogger Jerome said...

You make some really good points here. We have entered an age where literally YOU can decide what becomes popular online.

I created that superman video mashup with the intentions of getting it viral. To think that one can make a video in just a few hours and have be seen by more people than the residents of Alaska in just a few days is absolutely insane.

I'll definitely link to you on my blog (once its back from bandwith restrictions).bu

4:59 PM  

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