Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What you do, boy?

Where have I been for the last four years? What in the name of God was that whole "degree" thing about? Why do I suddenly want to chainsmoke cloves and brunch...oh, right. Right. College.

But specifically, working.

Rather than keep up with the whole "clean-cut, omigodplsemployme!!1eleventy" thing I'm doing otherwise, here's a few fun things I've been up to since the last time I decided to write in this here online journal of joy.

-I made a Blog for the NYU student paper. It is slowly moving forward. It will be awesome soon.

-I wrote about the 2007 New York Comic Con and didn't use any of my brief interviews with R.Stevens, the Digital Pimp crew or find Mitch Clem. I did see a Robin cry, though.

-Listened to Kazuo Hara discuss film, as opposed to my own haphazard writing on his flicks.

-I made a podcast and video interview. I will link to neither. They're on the WSN website.

-Interviewed Satoshi Kon about his latest film, "Paprika," and tried to do the ol' analysis thing. Lord knows if it worked or not.

And that's about it. There's a bunch of other stuff that involves air guitar, socialist documentaries and chinese sweatshop labor.

Oh, and I interviewed Derrick. They really like hip-hop.

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