Saturday, September 23, 2006

wide awake and gondry

The Science of Sleep came out on Friday. My friend Eric grabbed the front page of the New York Press this week with a feature on Michel Gondry. That article can be grabbed here. The unedited, "better" (in Eric's opinion) piece is here.

Personally, I dig both versions. I myself did a feature on Gondry that relied too much on his quotes and not crafted that well. I took padding over actual content, which pisses me off in hindsight. My godforsaken piece can be seen here.

So at the end of it all, what's so nifty about SoS? It's getting mostly the same review: it's nifty, but jumbled. I do agree with that, except I find that looking through St├ęphane's own jilted perception helps somewhat. We have a protagonist who is so deftly afraid to leave his TV studio that he needs to sabotage his life around him.

ah, whatever. go see it. you'll enjoy it, buy the DVD and then never watch "Eternal Sunshine" again--despite that being a slightly tighter version.



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