Thursday, September 07, 2006

minutes from last year, still emo as fuck.

12:26 am on Sunday, listening to a cd (Eisley) & I’m going back to NYC.

I miss home for the obvious reasons,
But I fucking hate this bus route.
And masturbation bites,
when nothing good’s on.

10:21 pm on Saturday, back in the huge apartment I do not own and perhaps sick.

Dom’s sandwiches are very good for $6.41
but I am sick because it was all I ate,
except for the little fudge chocolates.

All night and day I
played a video game.
Next week, I’ll play
‘welcome to the working week’ on the Metro.

But for now, I’m unemployed and don’t have a care
except for how to kill a few hours for a few days.

11:40 pm on Friday, we are confused when people we know are nameless & famous.

Saddle Creek Sara
is a model for Windows.

sells porn and whips and chains.

works 9 to 5 in a garden under the shadow of the Darth Vader Gargoyle.

has two internships at two hospitals and works two clubs where he plays white-boy bouncer.

Girl (& Cat)
Is John Mayer’s assistant sometime soon.

am an intern and failed blogger.

And God only knows what next week’ll bring.

1:34 on Saturday, and I am getting older than I used to be.

The stamp used at the 9:30 Club
Is a blue rat, but
Turn it in the right way and it’s a hanged man.

I thought so, at least,
since our punk rock cabaret
was filled with pale faced kids
in stripped leggings.

Most below 16 and a few above 20.
“I bet you a lot of them had school today,” he said.
Burtless may be onto something

12:51 am on Tuesday, back in Chelsea and the NYC.
At my first planning dinner
I ate fried chicken and French fries
That cost more than KFC.

We all gawked
At the father from Alias, and
El Jefe went, “I have all your fans. HAH!”

That’s about it.

12:18 am on Sunday, and I feel very sad for Benigno the “faggot”.

In two weeks, the big question will not be
“what did you do this summer?”

It will be:
“So, have you fucked up yet?”

So far, I don’t think so.
But I’ve got two (retracted), a six pack, a handle of White Horse
and a few years worth of experience that say
the night is still young.

12:16 am on Saturday, I am surrounded by bitches and drunk on gin.

I felt lethargic with my bitches today.
They slept while I watched Godzilla’s last

Now one of them, the white one, is
Sleepingon the floor while the
Blonde one snores next to me.

Who needs company,
When you have fine women llike this?
Ages 70 and 64.

No, I am not lonely. Just getting funds.

11:14 pm on Saturday, Hot Snakes & Cinco Dimaggio in the windows.

sorta explains itself, doesn't it?

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