Thursday, September 07, 2006


the first morning i woke up with the Sheep Man he was having a cigarette while I kept myself in the shape of a burrito. he was at the window, blinds closed, watching the dance school across the street while taking drags off his Wild 7.
I didn't know they sold those in the city.
"welltheydosogetusedtoit," he blahed.

I guess I will.
I left him to his own devices while I took a 45 minute shower. I spent ten of those minutes on the crapper, reading the free paper that the Sheep Man brought up with him. Gotti Jr. got a mistrail and New Orleans was going deeper under water. Wonderful news for a wonderful day.

While I made coffee, the Sheep Man didn't say a word. He stared out the window, smoke lingering around him. He made the effort to tape a bowl over the smoke detector, just in case. Dirk was out at class, leaving us alone for the time being.

"Sowhatareyougoingtodo," the Sheep Man asked.

I didn't rightly know at the time, nor am I really sure now. I shrugged at him.
He said, "Yougottagetaplan.Gottacomeupwithanidea.Can'tjustsitinsidealldaywiththesepeopleoutside."
He could be right. I poured myself a cup of coffee and watched as he ashed out my window.
"What about the guys below the window?"
He took a drag, barely giving me a glance, and flicked the Wild 7 out the window.

"Yougottaknowyourbattlesbetter,man. Can'tbepissyabouteverylittlething. Gottaknowwhentodanceandwhentositdown. Drinkyourcoffeeandgetmeamugtoo,please."

So, I did. We watched the morning news together over coffee.

Then, I went to class and The Sheep Man went out somewhere else.

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