Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hello time bomb.

so, the basic question I always get is easy:
"[Idiot Savant Online], you're so funny. Wait, you're not kidding?"

but the hard one is,
"just what is an Idiot Savant Online?"

well, that's easy to answer. Short answer: it's me.
Slightly longer answer, but still pretty short: It was originally the ending to a few of Canadian musician/blogger/master-of-posterboard Matt Good's manifestos (complete list here). Good would respond to "your questions, [his] answers." Which was in fact, the first Idiot Savant Online.

I'd go on to remember that when I:
a:Needed a title for my kick-ass column (which would become "The Idiot Savant & I")
b:Decided to make a blog and "SONGOKOU069" was already taken.

Anywho, I now find Mr. Good has gone through some rather hellish times. And what better way to show support by saying thanks for all the manifestos and the music. Besides, I'm sure at least three of you (...let's see, my roommate, maybe one of my writers...uh...Mom? Mom, are you there?) wonder why I chose this name.

And now, for the youtube:

Matthew Good on art, and why we'll always choose tits and ass:

Matthew Good on the Canadian Political Scene circa 2000 [?] (personally, I forget. But I remember I brought up Stockwell Day to a random Canadian woman once, and I ruined my chanced at getting laid. So, Curse You STOCKWELL GAY! hm, wonder where that guy ended up anyway...)

And finally, Matthew Good on running away from Catholic School Children, the most dangerous of the suburbia:

godspeed you, mr. good. and may you keep kicking ass.

also, funny story: originally, NYU's Washington Square News (full disclosure: omg, i am totally the film editor leik my secret life is OUT) was supposed to "do" a story on Good. I rememember reading on one of his old blogs that he had been contacted and interviewed by the NYU paper--which, I had just become an editor at. I found this odd, considering that Good wasn't making any U.S. tours nor releasing his latest, In a Coma, in the states. I called the Arts editor and asked him about it, he knew nothing; I e-mailed our (then new) music editor, he had no f'n clue what I was talking about. Finally, we come back from Winter Break, I'm doing a meeting and I hear this girl arguing with the music Ed. I sneak in to listen. Lo and behold, she's the one who interviewed Mr. Good. And while--after asking our new music ED to check for me--she did bring up the idea for an interview with Mr. MG,she had already done so a few months prior. so everyone was dumbstruck when she brought up this big feature story about a Canadian artist with no label in the U.S. or tour dates--save for one Upstate NY show.

Now, I'd agree and say that Good is by far one of the more interesting people we'd ever get to interview. But that's like me demanding an interview with Tadanobu Asano or Jeff Rowland be front page. Then again, I really do think an interview with either of those two would make for good front page material...hm...wonder if i could convince jeff rowland to an interview if i say i'll buy him all the cabin still whiskey and crif dogs he can handle. Does that make my journalistic integrity suck? Do I even have journalistic integrity if I write film reviews and discuss drinking?

...jesus christ, where am I? am I on the internets?

Anyway, maybe one of these days, I'll get around to e-mailing Good (or Rowland for that matter) for an interview request. And this time, I'll at least be able to say an editor approved it. Of course, college journalism is about as effective as saying you're Nick Sylvester...(burn? no burn? does anyone even know what the hell that name means? Ah, nevermind.)

penis flower.


Blogger lora said...

well that was a nice little trip down memory lane. oh matthew. what happend to you? when did you get so terrible?

oh wait. i remember what happened. you married a twnety something super model, got depressed that you weren't big in the states and started getting political. then you divorced the super model and now write terrible songs.

damn. and i had so much hope for that angst.

as for you john, drop the name 'jack layton' to a canadian woman next time. there is a better chance of getting laid with the NDP.

8:16 AM  

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