Thursday, August 24, 2006

drunk baby, you so crazy.

Derrick is a comedy group. They are funny and make me titter at 10:30 in the morning while i'm waiting for a car to move my assortment of papers, clothing and DVDs into a smaller, shittier apartment.
I once knew one of the fellows, but have since no fucking idea what happened to him. It turns out he went to UCB, got himself a degree in funny-nomics and done graduated to a graduate degree in linking on CRACKED.

once in a blue moon, i write a fart joke for NYU's The Plague (and the website hasn't been updated since 2000 or so.)

That said, Drunk Baby makes me smile. Mainly, because I'm getting shit faced on whiskey because I have no edible food. And because I want a set of plastic car keys.

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Anonymous The guy who lives two floors down said...

My god, it's you, only black and with more clothing. Enjoy 2nd street. SuperMario Strikers is amazing.

5:06 PM  

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