Saturday, July 01, 2006


-get out of work at 3, buy some fresh turkey burgers, go home and watch Naruto on YouTube? check.
-commence drinking? check.
-drinking turns into adventure to wine store? check.
-take another adventure to see band at concert at 10 pm but leave apartment at 5:30 instead? check.
-eat sushi from what i assumed was a buffet line? check.
-find out that buffet line was in fact the salad bar in a bodega? check.
-buy food? check.
-fall asleep in local park? check.
-fall asleep because of questionable content in a large can of what surely was not beer? oh, check.
-wake up because of a child poking my face with a stick? check.
-go to local bar? check.
-try to talk to guy next to me, he nods and then leaves? check.
-have two more beers? check.
-not remember coming home and missing a show and friend in town for one night? check.
-find out i made a 40-second song? check.
-40 second song meaning i apparently found out i had garage band at some point, pounded on my keyboard and repeated the phrase "tzasle, jeezum jimble tamble, zee kee kee kee" and ending with only a single word? check.
-doing all of this before 8 or 9 pm last night? check.
-most likely banned from two more bodegas and bars? yeah, check.

that said. while i wait for the police to find me, omg invisible octopus?!

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