Thursday, June 29, 2006

yes, spider-man, i do like buck-cake.

I was watching television last night, as a lonely fellow of my social stature tends to do on Wednesday nights, and I was not impressed with Blade: the Series. Sure, it's got an angry black man who sneers and does cool sword tricks. But Blade was getting fucked up way too often by those lesser-known, nameless character actors. And I could've sworn I saw Randy Quaid. That could've also been the liquid pretzel I drank with my former roommate last night.

but this got me thinking. Blade sucks. He has to, he's a vampire.
But more importantly, Blade:the Series is an embaressment to superheroes everywhere.

so here's a guy in a Spider-Man outfit asking if I like Bukkake.

i can never disagree with you, Spider-Man.



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