Monday, June 19, 2006

jeezum timble tibble

i believe i made that phrase up last friday while talking to my good friend, mr. snuggles. however, neither of us can be sure since he tends to not listen to any phone call after 3 am, which is when i find i have something important to say to him.
such previous great moments of post-3 am history include:
-zubba zubba zubba.
everyone's favorite,
- i fucked your mom. she was tight, like a keyhole.
and last, but certainly least,
-hey, what's up? I was just seeing cocksucker son of a bitch...i know it was you. you prick. anyway, want to get a drink? you can buy.

but i was reminded to make a post for my former roommate's birthday. rather than do something original, such as write about eating a tasty burger slathered in secret (human) sauces and jalepeƱos or talk about how i am fascinated by pink haired women and the rabbis who act as their sugar daddy, I present this.

needle anus.

happy birthday, former roommate.

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Anonymous The Roommate said...

Thank you ISO, it has been a long time comming but I am so glad that there is a post dedicated to me.
I offer this gift in return,

1:04 AM  
Anonymous The Roommate said...

PS. The former roomate's roomate will not be comming to the "event" on Thursday...You know what I'm talking about...Needle Anus

12:54 AM  

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