Friday, May 12, 2006

Tables I Dance On

I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more cow bell. In fact, nothing's really been able to keep it in check. I've spent a good chunk of my week listening to all the E3 coverage, since it really doesn't matter whether you're watching Spike TV G4 or reading Kotaku.

Heck, even Kotaku has its own video.

And it only took two days, at best, for Nintendo to be declared this year's wii-ner. Heh. Get it? Because their new system is called the "Wii" and sounds like "We." It's a pun on the word "winner," since that's what we have to do when a company has poor judgment with titles. I mean, wii all have to try something.

Christ all mighty, I rarely treat this damned technology with such fervor. Might be the air, might be the whisky or it might even be the whisky-soaked air that's floating past these windows tonight. All weekend it's set to rain, rain, rain. I've got nothing to do but work, work, watch Tekkaman Blade.

Before a lovely place called Otaku Den shut down, I managed to snag a five disc set of the entire series. This has got it all: armored heroes and villains, space aliens, shoddy 80s Japanese animation, reused sound effects from at least six other TV shows, literal family feuds and gigantic crab-aliens that explode in purple bursts. What's better is that the mecha concept is given that classic time limit twist, since Blade can only stay transformed for a set period before he starts to go all wacky in the head. And by wacky, I clearly mean homicidal.

I once read in this fun book by Susan Napier that--and I paraphrase--the act of "calling armor" is supposed to represent a sexual change. It's empowering, inherently masculine. I don't have a copy of the book in front of me, but this is what she brought up when considering the cyber-punk anime, Bubblegum Crisis. In consideration of The Guyver, Napier states that the transformation is painful--it isn't a coincidence, in her view, that the character who undergoes the change is a teenage boy. Of course, she doesn't really mention the part where he snaps a monster's arms like twigs nor crushing the skull of another particularly nasty creature.

But in these Henshin shows, it always seemed like a better idea to limit the transformation period and let there be grave suffering if anyone dares go past it. A great example can be seen in my current fascination, Garo. In this lovely clip from youtube: our main character--in the white, currently being served by "Norman" from the Big O--can only remain transformed for 99.9 seconds. Afterwards, well...

but bringing this all back to Tekkaman Blade: I just really think this transforming shit is awesome. I have to go. Ed The Sock finally comes on American TV for the first time since Much Music turned into the complete pile of shit that parks itself on 7th Avenue. I just want to see if anything's changed over the last few years.
Also, I've become oddly entranced by Nardwuar over the last few days. Who knows. Maybe I should be learning a few things from him--especially when it comes to dealing with imaginary press people.


Blogger lora said...

i was going to tell you not to take my nardwuar away, you filthy american, but then i realized it was too late anyway. mitch clem already got to him.

12:27 PM  
Blogger matt said...

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3:12 PM  
Blogger matt said...

otakuden is gone? damn
yeah it's actually sad how much nintendo stole the show at e3
it wasn't so much an act of stealing as it was a rape and massacre, though not necessarily in that order, at least in sony's case

3:14 PM  
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