Tuesday, May 09, 2006

getting dirt on a centaur is easy, like Tetris.

A few weeks ago, my "enter" key broke off. I tried for a while to make due with this minor problem. But then I threw it away. I learned there was a nub under the key, and I became content using the nub. Every day was a rush. My fingers would dance and nail the nub and it was like a minor victory against those conformist bastards that believe keyboards are the way to life.
Fuck you, keyboard conformist manpigbear bastards!

And a week ago, the nub broke off. Now I just press a flat space where my "enter" key used to be.
This makes me think that real typists strip their keyboard of all those silly letters, instead slamming fingers onto flat spaces and hoping for the best.
This is what I do now while I have no work. And, of course, I play Kingdom Hearts.

In fact, I'd totally agree with thisif I too wasn't becoming oddly entranced by the idea that Mickey Mouse does indeed kick ass--albeit with a giant key.

Perhaps there's a form of mass cultural critique that has yet to be taken on this. The concepts of combining the RPG Final Fantasy epics with traditionally non-violent Disney characters into a setting that demands action...

and it's at this point that I realize I take this way too serial. in one of the last columns of the year I wrote, I briefly discussed EmoGirl21, YouTube and its potential to become some sort of evolution to how fads can sustain themselves, such as a certain site (like YTMND) I visit daily. I'm a hard worker.
In any event, EmoGirl21 lives on here if you'd like to continue to prove that you do know what pain really fucking is goddamn it.

I do. I watch G4 (formerly of the Tech) TV and wait for the day when,during filming, the ceiling bursts open, and during the initial shock, Kevin Rose and the Diggnation come in, hand-made potato guns a-blazin'!
Meanwhile, the front door is taken care of thanks to Leo Laporte, smiling that jovial way while he tears the arms off whatever poor fool attempts to stop him. Because you know he can, goddamn it.
And finally, what about Martin Sargent? He forms the head of Voltron, gleefully stomping around L.A. Or bouncing. I mean, the head was technically that black tiger robot with wings. I don't know where the rest of Voltron is. Probably slacking off or being cut up into parts to make the PS3 and the new MacBooks.

so remember, everytime you lose an "enter" key, this is what I think of.

recent thing i wrote that i like:
-Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. A darn fine documentary that you need to buy if only for the best timeline of Metal ever created. Drops on 5/23 on DVD.
-Following Sean. A look at the subject of an original doc "Sean," and whatever happened to him. Arlyck was a blast to speak with. I disliked this headline and made our copy chief aware of it. It's still playing at the Cinema Village in NYC as of this posting. Go see it. It's a thousand times better than "MI:3" or "Poseidon," which I can say since I'm not seeing either. I am running a review of the latter next week though.
-The Post Show. Despite the highs and lows of the show, I remain in their corner. Ironically, they told me about the fact they were going into talks about getting distribution or some sort of deal, but I figured it wouldn't happen until the end of the third season--as of now, they're on hiatus while discussing said deals.. Shows me how much of a "journalist" I am. If you want some choice skits to watch, and they're still up there for now: Sing Along, All or Nothing, Muy Bien and the aptly named Bukkake Rooster.

now to go back and prep for an interview I'll hopefully do tomorrow morning. if not, tekkaman blade.


Blogger The Math Ninja said...

Nice bit about the G4 take over. I also appreciated the manpigbear comment.

11:30 PM  
Blogger lora said...

"like, birds are dying and like, that's really sad..."

words cannot express my glee.

5:48 PM  

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