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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Damn it, Dae-Su! I Was Saving That Bacon!

Nothing brings people together like $584 million in worldwide revenue.

In a potential high-profile star-writer reunion, "I Am Legend" co-scribe Mark Protosevich is in early talks to pen the remake of "Old Boy" that boxoffice king and "Legend" star Will Smith is developing with director Steven Spielberg.

DreamWorks secured the remake rights from Mandate Pictures, which also is staying involved in the project. Although the studio was meeting with several high-profile writers to do the adaptation, Smith invited Protosevich to meet with Spielberg on the project.

DreamWorks declined comment. The rights deal with Mandate is not complete.


The scary thing? There is a way a Spielberg OldBoy would work very well. And it'll be something I figure out in a few days.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Who's that Lazy-Ass North Brooklyn Writer?!


This wonderful ad
for a "freelance writer seeks intern" listing:

I am a fulltime freelance journalist.

And clearly, in need of a copy editor.

I write predominantly about music, film, books, and culture, but also politics, technology, and other topics for national and international magazines, including the London Times, Rolling Stone, the Associated Press, the Village Voice, and elsewhere. I also host a weekly radio show.

Wow, here's a doozy that'll have the three "writers" left at Gawker scratching their heads for tomorrow's blind item.

and skipping to my favorite part...

In return for your work, I will offer my 10 years of expertise in crafting pitches, finding and contacting appropriate editors and publications, writing punchy ledes, honing angles, arranging and conducting interviews, and the like. I'm also happy to help edit your writing, offer feedback, and other random bits of useful knowledge I've picked up. There’ll be other perks, as well.

Emphasis added. But let me spoil the perks for you:
-grocery shopping.
-running to the store for smokes.
-googling sources.
-being a cheaper version of HARO.

And in closing:

Please send along clips, blog links, or anything else you might have. I’m less interested in seeing resumes than hearing what you have to say. I'm predominantly interested in working with a young writer interested either in a career in freelance journalism, or finding a place in New York’s art/music/literary scene.

So, basically, the ideal candidate will be willing to trek to "North Brooklyn" (which the rest of us call Greenpoint, Bushwick East Williamsburg and Williamsburg Proper.)

Of course, just who is this fulltime[sic] freelancer who works--or, heh, worked at some point--for Rolling Stone, AP and Village Voice that can't rely on their interns. Well, thank god I'm too lazy to find out, so I'll just wait for the blind item tomorrow.

But if guesses are welcome.

edit: picture added when it is inevitably taken down for being too fucking retarded for any student with three bits of sense to apply to.

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The Mild Mid-Day Monday Depression Job Hunt

Looking for strong editor/writer to ghost-write stories with inspirational content. Publishing experience necessary, fiction/playwriting background a plus. Job includes interviewing, editing, organizing inventory and coming up with story ideas. New York-based national magazine. Mid-Manhattan location. Good salary and benefits. Send resume and clips to Writing samples should show imagination and storytelling ability. No phone or fax, please.

And yet, the real joke comes when you learn who the company is and what they produce.
(Hint: religion.)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Unfortunately, Brooklyn is on Mars

via CL. Other Irony is that it got filed under the "Staten Island" sub-section--as if that is really on Earth.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sumi, Clouds, Oh My!

Huh. Didn't realize that Vagabond was from the same mangaka that gave us Slam Dunk. In fact, it's been ages since I've read either--mainly due to Vagabond, which follows the life of Miyamoto Musashi, having horrible delays between volumes.

Takehiko Inoue has two art books showcasing his work on the incredible ode to Musashi coming out later this month: The Water and The Sumi, which were apparently done using calligraphy brushes by BoingBoing.

Then again, BB also seems to think the manga came out translated last year, but the first "volume" was released in 2002 and one of the last Viz titles that was initially produced in a single-issue format. But we all know that if you question BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow comes to your house in the dead of night and STEALS YOUR INTERNET. And kills you. Using STEAMPUNK.

Either way, would totally not mind getting these art books from someone with more money than I. Come to think of it, what volume is Vagabond on now these days? I've been getting into MPD Psycho and Junk: Record of the Last Hero.

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"I can pay but would preffer trade. "

While on the job hunt, one inevitably is forced to troll the dredges of Craigslist. It isn't pretty and it normally is never fun. Despite being a great source of random hook-ups, S&M dungeons and bedbug-laiden couches, it never is a redeeming place to find a gig.

Sure, on occasion you may get lucky. Heck, even my old job went on there. But mostly, Craigslist is a haven for how not not look for work.

I present to you: "Seeking writter for (Union Square)"

(note: emphasis added.)

I need someone to write content for my web site I need an interesting and in depth history of pipes, glass pipes, hookahs and things related to smoking. The work is for a section of the site titled Pipe School. Anyone interested in smoking is very welcome to apply I can pay but would preffer [sic] trade.

As for what Sunflower Pipes stands for, let me point you at their homepage:
Sunflower Pipes is dedicated to the experience of smoking. We highly regard the act as an art and in doing so take great care in choosing the products for our line...All of our products undergo a series of tests and are carefully selected for their unique color, shape, decor, durability and functionality.

Sunflower Pipes supplies but is not limited to the following products: Dugouts, Bats, Grinders, Pollinators, Glass Smoking Pipes (Single Glass Smoking Pipes, Double Glass Smoking Pipes and Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipes), Metal Smoking Pipes, Wooden Smoking Pipes, Water Smoking Pipes (Bubblers, Sherlocks, Hammers, Hookahs), Fifkas, Scales, Slides, and Smoking Papers (Flavored Smoking Papers, Hemp Smoking Papers, Rice Smoking Papers, Clear Smoking Papers)

And my favorite?

Our products are NOT intended for illegal drug use.

Lord knows the number of people I've seen enjoying a quiet Fifka outside of Grassroots on a breezy Sunday night. With tobacco.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missed Blog-A-Thon Blues

So like any well-meaning writer/blogger/slacker, I totally meant to do something for Ali Arikan's "Indiana Jones Blog-A-Thon" at Cerebral Mastication. I kept telling myself all week I'd sit down and write about how this would be the first time I've seen an Indiana Jones movie in theaters, and compare it as an original film to the Star Wars trilogy re-release in the mid-1990s to celebrate Lucas discovering CGI>

And I'd even use a LOLCat-ish photo.

Now, it's Sunday. There is nothing written and Ali has likely retired to his yacht staffed with serving women and monkey knife fighters.

Not to mention King Arthur, the "modernization" of a myth film that I still can't tell if I like or not, is on. On one hand, Stellan Skarsgård proves that he merely has to whisper and he's already taken charge of a film. On the other, Merlin is now a crazed forest shaman figure?

But anyway, to show my pure intentions, a completely NSFW strip from Sexy Losers:

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i am the daywalker